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Recycled Stockings

 RECYCLED STOCKINGS was Show of Strength Theatre Company’s new family show for Christmas, performed in December 2011 at The Southville Centre, Bristol.

Gerard Cooke played the roles of Captain Hook in HOOK by James Ravello and Penguin in NOBODY PANIC I'M A CHRISTMAS PRESENT by Myfanwy Millward.

"Captain Hook - but without his hook! Gerard Cooke portrayed Hook in true pantomime style, as "the Buccaneering Blackguard of Bedminster, the Scourge of Southville". When he turned around, without his extravagant coat, the youngsters delighted in shouting out "it's behind you!", as his hook dangled from his back."
- Bristol Post

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Recycled Stockings -
Review - Venue, December 2011

Review - Company create magic for their young audience - Evening Post 22.12.2011

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