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The Last Line

THE LAST LINE is a play written by Henrik G Dahle. This fast paced, anarchic philosophical tragi-comedy, was given a performed reading at the Tobacco Factory Theatre on 15th June 2008, produced by Gauntlett & Son.

'Wonderful, Bonkers - it made my brain hurt'
'Emotional, uplifted, clever and funny'
'Post post modern'
'I found it absorbing, funny, exhausting and reflective'
'Great. Fantastic. Brilliant - enjoyed it immensely'
'Great original idea - I got it (Kind of) - and I never 'get' theatre'
'It's like the Ouselern bird that flies in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own exhaust pipe'. 
 - Audience feedback

Gerard Cooke - The Last Line


See the show, save the planet -, 27.05.08

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