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Treasure Island Story Walk

What’s a pirate’s favourite cheese? — Cheddaaaaaaaar!

Show of Strength Theatre Company premiered the TREASURE ISLAND STORY WALK in the summer half-term holiday of 2017, and it has returned to Bristol Docks many times since, due to populAAAAAAAR demand!

Here’s what our audiences said:

"Wonderful entertainment …thoroughly recommend”
"Thrilling story-telling, enjoyed by all ages”
"The story walk is terrific”

So join us for the perfect family in the place where it all began: Bristol Docks

See hidden caves and spy holes, and discover the dark and dirty deeds of Long John Silver, Blind Pew, and a host of pirates and buccaneers!

But remember, “Them that die’ll be the lucky ones…”

Publicity photos © Zuleika Henry 2017

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Full details at:

THIS CLIP: Gerard Cooke and Show of Strength's Creative Director, Sheila Hannon, chat with BBC Radio Bristol's Steve Yabsley, all about the TREASURE ISLAND STORY WALK (interview date: 18/05/2017).


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